The Ford Mustang, the Pinnacle of Muscle?

With Muscle Cars, there are three qualities they should possess – power, speed, and style. There is car that has all of these qualities, and is also considered by both casual drivers and motor-heads to be the bet – the Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang in any of its styles – Coupe, GT, or Convertible is a worldwide best-seller which does not come as a surprise. The legacy of this vehicle has left its tire tracks imprinted on automotive history since it was released in 1964

Here is why the Ford Mustang is the pinnacle of muscle:

A ‘Classic’ Muscle Car The number one sign of ‘classic’ car status is longevity in the marketplace, the Ford Mustang is currently the second-longest running car in production in America.  The overall look of the car is as recognizable today as it was in the sixties, even as the shapes and models which have evolved over the decades. The long chassis, wide tires, chunky front grill and low-profile are unmistakably from the Ford Mustang.

Expertly Made and Reliable Another reason the Ford Mustang is a legendary muscle car is because of its durability and construction. Ford Motor Company have always prided themselves on how well they construct their vehicles.

Customizable Whatever the model or generation, another factor that puts this car ahead of the pack is how customizable they are. From bodywork, to power mods, to interior gadgets, many owners can find as many hours of enjoyment in their garage as they can on the road –