Cars of the Film Mad Max

Rusted, armored, and thundering down the road, the cars of Mad Max: Fury Road stole the show in this apocalyptic blockbuster. Director George Miller’s love for practical effects shows in every death machine that roared across the desert, meticulously built in a garage, and destroyed in the dunes. Some fan favorites have car fanatics clamoring to carve up their classics for that Mad Max feel, and below is a taste of the fuel-injected mayhem that left burning rubber on our hearts.

peter bouchard - mad maxMax’s classic makes a return in this most recent installment, but it has seen better days. This XB Falcon Coupe, aptly named The Interceptor, is a rusted relic. With its trademark supercharger sticking through the hood like the snout of a dragon, its low grumbling sound is something to hear echoing off the pavement. Though it doesn’t last long in the film, The Interceptor was an amazing throwback to the classic series, and a fan favorite of the film.

What is made of two Cadillac Coup De Villes, twin V8 engines, and a couple of Monster truck tires? If you guessed the villains principal vehicle, you guessed right. Dubbed The Gigahorse, this beast is a marvel of modern engineering. Its massive frame was custom built to support the weight of not only its chimera-like body, but also multiple flamethrowers and harpoon guns. This memorable monster could be road warriors closest companion, or make for a fun Sunday drive across the wasteland.

The beast at center stage during Fury Road, taking almost as much punishment as it could dish out, is known only as The War Rig. This fusion of hot rod and semi sports six-wheel drive, end-to-end V8 engines, and enough firepower to take a small city. With thick armor plates, and shells of smaller cars welded to the frame as bunkers, The War Rig stands defiant against the apocalypse.

Listed above are just snippets of what Fury Road has to offer. Dozens more cars tear up the street in this classic action film, each with a unique twist that’s never been seen before. George miller’s vision of a world where humanity struggles over gasoline has spawned some truly amazing gas guzzlers.