By domain flipping Married Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa’s Sex Mp3

Jennifer Lopez and her former husband, Ojani Noa, will be embroiled within a lengthy legal challenge over the relieve of their private sex tapes. According to court papers, the video footage was originally planned being released in a movie called Could Married Jennifer Lopez. But Lopez claims that Noa’s arrange is to violate their confidentiality agreement and slander her.

In a bid to keep the material from being made public, Lopez sued Noa for infringement of deal and invasion of privacy. A judge reigned over in her favor, getting Noa to maintain a confidentiality arrangement to the sex heurt.

Additionally , a La arbitrator granted Lopez $545, 000 in damages. A judge also ordered Noa to stop disparaging her or slandering her name.

Now, Noa and his business partner Ed Meyer happen to be allegedly store shopping in regards to two-decade-old sex tape and home-made materials. Their business spouse claims that J-Lo is getting ready to release her private intimacy tape towards the public.

Noa contains claimed in the past that Lopez had an affair with Marc Anthony. He includes tried to bug her in the past selling off a tell-all book about their matrimony. And he has also reportedly threatened to release a of a alluring “honeymoon” he shot with her.

After the few split in February of 1997, Ojani Noa shot Jennifer Lopez in various sexual situations. Then he sold the footage to Claudia Vasquez for a bucks. The Cuban-born version claims that he provides about 27 several hours of video footage.